Meet our Authors/Dennis Koller

San Francisco Bay Area author Dennis Koller ( has published three novels and is currently hard at work on his fourth. His protagonist is Tom McGuire, a former POW in Vietnam and now world-weary SFPD homicide inspector.

Koller became a full-time novelist rather late in life. “There came a point where I just couldn’t face another day commuting into the City. Since I started writing books, my bank account has become decidedly smaller, but my satisfaction meter is off the charts. I live in a wonderful community, and little by little my reputation as a writer of good, enjoyable mystery-thrillers has grown. I’m loving life.”

A Synopsis of Dennis Koller’s Work

The Oath Dennis KollerTHE OATH

A dying former-POW, four dead women, an SFPD homicide cop and the Vietnam War are expertly woven together in a masterful piece of storytelling that will leave you guessing until the last few pages.

Kissed by the Snow Dennis KollerKISSED BY THE SNOW

After a Mexican drug cartel assassinates his father, former Navy SEAL Rob Kincaid is thirsty for revenge and willing to take America’s “War on Drugs” into his own hands.

The Custer Conspiracy Dennis Koller


The conspiracy unfolds to suggest a much different version of Custer’s Last Stand than what you might expect. SFPD homicide inspector Tom McGuire is asked by his sidekick, “except for you and a few professors, who cares what happened to Custer?” This is the question that haunts the reader throughout this intriguing adventure. How and why would covering up an historical event from 140 years ago matter so much to very rich and powerful men in the present day?

All three Koller novels have received critical acclaim:

The Oath, won the prestigious 2016 BAIPA Book Award for Best Fiction. The Irish Herald Book Review said: “The Oath has a powerful and intricate plot with an ending that is unpredictable in the extreme. Combined, you’ve got a real page-turner.”

Bookworm calls Kissed By The Snow “A fast moving thriller with some wonderfully surprising plot twists.”

Publishers Weekly called The Custer Conspiracy “intriguing”. The Martinez Gazette said it was “A first rate thriller! Koller ratchets up the suspense in this fast-paced tale of history gone awry. Crisp writing and intricate plotting will keep you turning the pages.”

All Dennis Koller books are available in either paperback or eBook and can be found on Amazon ( or at your favorite bookstore.


Author: Randi Alexander

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