Meet Our Authors/Kirby Paul Anderson

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It took some time to think about a description of my book.  In the spirit of Wild Deadwood Reads, the book is an epic love story.

Whispers of Maryam, Kirby Paul AndersonA very young man with raw empathic abilities, confronted with true evil, rejected God and all that dwell on the other side, to join with the earth and animals, heart, mind, and soul.  The young man became strong with the force of the earth, and the universe.

As the young man became old, he was tasked with leaving the power of the earth behind, to leave his profession behind, to give everything, in the historic attempt to join with the mind of God, to be trained to save the lost souls of Raney and Dana, the lost souls of his brothers.  The now old man, who asked for nothing, was given the richest, most all-consuming love from God, Christ, Muhammad, and the Virgin Mary, Maryam, for his unswerving commitment and trust through dangerous and difficult tasks.

In the end, the old man joined with God, and saved the lost souls of the entire blue planet.  The Virgin Mary, Maryam, said to the old man, “In your mind, you did this thing for us.  In your heart, you did this thing for your brothers:  In your soul, for God.”  God so loved this old man, he bestowed the titles of Guardian, and Man of God upon him.

The old man now walks in the light, the love, of all the souls on the other side of life.  He walks with the love for every human being on the planet, in his mind, his heart, his soul.  His name?  Kirby Paul Anderson.

Whispers of Maryam is available at Amazon:

“Wild Deadwood Reads, where books are legendary.”

Kirby will be offering his artwork as well, and when you speak with him, you’ll be fascinated by the story he has to tell about his paintings. Here are a few beautiful samples:

Meet our Authors/Brooke May

Born and raised in Northern Wyoming. Brooke spent a great deal of her childhood and even well into her adulthood in her imagination and creating different stories. With an overactive imagination life has been truly entertaining.

A mother of two wild and reckless boys and a wife; Brooke keeps busy year round doing things with her pups and family. When she isn’t writing, can usually be spotted walking somewhere in town, at the library with her youngest, or up in the mountains four-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and some hunting. A notebook and camera are never far from her side when she is out on her adventures with her family.

She loves hearing from readers and anyone who feels like talking. Feel free to pay her a visit whenever.


Facebook Group:

Twitter: @B_May88






~*~My Cowboy~*~

Growing up in Northeastern Wyoming, Emma Price has always known that the ranching way of life is never easy. After losing her dad, her brother’s illness and now the risk of losing everything that means something to her, Emma is in for a fight. What started off as a routine day of checking on her horses, turned her world upside down with the arrival of an old crush.

Cade Masters spent the last ten years running. After a great tragedy struck unexpectedly he hit the road thinking no one cared. Now he is back and wanting the life he use to have on the Price Ranch. How will Emma handled her life now that Cade is back in it and wanting to pick up where he left off? Will Emma forgive him and allow him into her heart again or will she push him away?

Life can change at the drop of a hat and the unexpected always takes you by surprise.

~*~Faith in My Cowboy~*~

Maddi Barnett was used to living a solitary life until a handsome soldier cowboy saved her. Feelings she never knew started to blossom in her life.

A happy life is what she wanted with Tucker Price, even after his injury. And they seemed completely set up for a life together, until tragedy hit and things changed drastically.

Tucker loses his way and pushes Maddi away. Unsure on what to do, Maddi is faced with two choices; give up and move home or fight for her love.

Can Maddi heal from the heartbreak and possibly save Tucker? Will others cause untold damage to save a relationship for them?

Faith is a strong thing; it helps the weak become stronger, others grow in the belief of another, and sometimes you need enough to help heal someone you love. And that’s why Maddi has faith in her cowboy.

~*~Loved by My Cowboy~*~

Six years ago, Libby Jones’ life was turned on its head. Abandoned and pregnant, Libby changed her carefree, reckless life for both her and her son. There would be no more random hookups and no more partying. Dylan’s entrance into her life was a blessing and changed everything in her life. Yet, nearly six years later, Libby is still discovering how much things in the past had changed her. The strong person Libby once was is now lost and confused with a man who wants nothing more than to love her and Dylan.

Justin Foster has always been interested in Libby, past and present, and he has never hidden that fact. He’s back in Elk Field for good now and has his sights on finally getting Libby as his. He will do anything and everything to prove to her that he has changed and they could be wonderful together.

Twists, turns, and crazy surprises await Libby. Is she ready for the ride?

XOX The Predator Part One XOX

I spent most of my life a disappointment, unwanted, and unloved. That is how I knew life to be until a low whistle pulled everything I knew upside down and inside out.

Chamberlain Lawrence was a man any woman would dream of. He was kind, sweet, and saw me for something no one else had ever seen before. Or so I thought. I fell for him hard and fast. I thought what we had was real and could last a lifetime. I thought what we had was a type of fighting love, one of such love we would last forever.

I should have paid closer attention to the signs around me. Chamberlain was too handsome, too charming, and too perfect to ever really want something like forever with a girl like me. Just as fast as I feel for him, I burned up faster. I’m left alone in life again with a broken heart, but a strong will to survive on my own.

No one ever said a Predator could love.

XOX The Predator Part Two XOX


Broken, cast away, and forgotten, I started to find myself again and become the woman I always wanted to be. But I let the ghosts of the past hold me until I spilled it all to my best friend, Beth, after I saw him again.

It was as if everything I went through and the years apart didn’t change how just seeing Chamberlain affected me. I need to stay strong and not let him in my heart and soul again to just break me once more.

But I have questions of my own for why and how he could break my heart like that leading me to temptation.


Vanished, disappeared, and taking my heart with her. I spent endless hours looking for the girl who got away. Only those hours led to days, then weeks, months, and now years.

I finally found Katie.

My panda.

My everything.

My always.

But she wants nothing to do with me. Fleeing from me every chance I get close enough to her. I’m desperate, leading me to do anything to talk to her, win my girl back, and have a life with her.

I made my dreams come true, but it amounts to nothing without the woman I love by my side. I’m really banking on changing her mind and making her mine once and for all, because right there in my corner is where she belongs.

Who ever said a Predator couldn’t help heal?

All of Brooke’s books can be found on Amazon:

Brooke May

Meet our Authors/Dennis Koller

San Francisco Bay Area author Dennis Koller ( has published three novels and is currently hard at work on his fourth. His protagonist is Tom McGuire, a former POW in Vietnam and now world-weary SFPD homicide inspector.

Koller became a full-time novelist rather late in life. “There came a point where I just couldn’t face another day commuting into the City. Since I started writing books, my bank account has become decidedly smaller, but my satisfaction meter is off the charts. I live in a wonderful community, and little by little my reputation as a writer of good, enjoyable mystery-thrillers has grown. I’m loving life.”

A Synopsis of Dennis Koller’s Work

The Oath Dennis KollerTHE OATH

A dying former-POW, four dead women, an SFPD homicide cop and the Vietnam War are expertly woven together in a masterful piece of storytelling that will leave you guessing until the last few pages.

Kissed by the Snow Dennis KollerKISSED BY THE SNOW

After a Mexican drug cartel assassinates his father, former Navy SEAL Rob Kincaid is thirsty for revenge and willing to take America’s “War on Drugs” into his own hands.

The Custer Conspiracy Dennis Koller


The conspiracy unfolds to suggest a much different version of Custer’s Last Stand than what you might expect. SFPD homicide inspector Tom McGuire is asked by his sidekick, “except for you and a few professors, who cares what happened to Custer?” This is the question that haunts the reader throughout this intriguing adventure. How and why would covering up an historical event from 140 years ago matter so much to very rich and powerful men in the present day?

All three Koller novels have received critical acclaim:

The Oath, won the prestigious 2016 BAIPA Book Award for Best Fiction. The Irish Herald Book Review said: “The Oath has a powerful and intricate plot with an ending that is unpredictable in the extreme. Combined, you’ve got a real page-turner.”

Bookworm calls Kissed By The Snow “A fast moving thriller with some wonderfully surprising plot twists.”

Publishers Weekly called The Custer Conspiracy “intriguing”. The Martinez Gazette said it was “A first rate thriller! Koller ratchets up the suspense in this fast-paced tale of history gone awry. Crisp writing and intricate plotting will keep you turning the pages.”

All Dennis Koller books are available in either paperback or eBook and can be found on Amazon ( or at your favorite bookstore.

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Meet our Authors/Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre’s passion is telling character-driven stories with a penchant for placing ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations. A bestselling author, her work is published internationally in print, E-book, and audio. She writes sizzling contemporary and hot historical romance and believes no matter what, love will find a way. You can learn more about me, and join my social links and newsletter by visiting:

Meet our Authors/Lizbeth Selvig


My current series is “Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys.” The first three books “The Bride Wore Denim,” “The Bride Wore Red Boots,” and “The Bride Wore Starlight,” are available now. Book Four, “Betting on Paradise,” comes out in late March.  This is the saga of the Crockett sisters: six strong, independent women who return to their family’s 50,000 acre Paradise Ranch near the Grand Tetons of Wyoming after having left home years before for school and successful professional careers. But at the death of their father, they become the third generation of Crocketts to inherit the ranch called Paradise. Now Harper, Mia, Joely, Grace, Kelly, Raquel and Cami must make their decisions:  pursue the dreams they thought they wanted—or forge new dreams on the ranch they once loved. Only one thing can convince each girl to stay:  true love. And that can only come in the form of her very own cowboy.






Lizbeth Selvig writes fun, heartwarming contemporary romance for Avon books. Her novels have won the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® and been nominated for the organization’s prestigious RITA®  award. Liz lives in Minnesota with her husband Jan and a gray Arabian gelding named Jedi. In her spare time, she loves to hike, quilt, read, horseback ride, and hang with her granddaughter and grandson. She also loves to play with her four-legged grandbabies (including an exotic wallaby, two alpacas, a pot-bellied pig, a goat, and a mammoth-eared donkey, along with many dogs, cats and horses). She loves hearing from readers – contact her anytime!


Meet our Authors/ Michele Shriver

Please stop on over to our Facebook reader group on February 1st and say “Hi!” to Michele. She will be our guest host and will be posting and chatting all day. If you are not a member yet, you can join here.


Michele Shriver is a National and International best-selling author of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.



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